Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I is for Images of Stockport

This piece of artwork recently appeared in St Peter's Churchyard. I couldn't see an artist's signature on it. It features St Mary's church, the Market Hall, a sign to the Underbanks and some more esoteric images like a balloon, a chicken laying eggs and a pair of headphones, the relevance of which I don't fully understand. I have been unable to find out any information about who may have painted this nor why it has been placed here. People I spoke to in the church didn't seem to know.

In the background over the railings is the roof of the former Co-op (now Primark) on Chestergate/Merseyway.

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  1. Strange, that some of it is quite eye catching, and other elements of the artwork, not so much.

  2. There is quite a bit going on in that piece of artwork. The chicken adds an interesting touch!

  3. its an interesting piece of art to be in a church yard.

  4. it has obviously been installed permanently! Someone in the church must no something!!

    1. They said it has just appeared one day - this particular bit of land may actually belong to the council rather than the church - I suspect it is a bit like a Banksy but different genre. So long as it is not doing any damage there is probably no will to remove it - at least in the short term.

  5. There must be a story about the guy riding the cow. The art work is interesting.

  6. Jonathan Thatcher, farmer.

  7. I've now discovered that this is called "The Glass Umbrella" and is one of a number of Town Centre Artworks produced as part of an initiative by the <a href=">Stockport Youth Offending Service</a>.

    The Glass Umbrella, depicts the vibrant Medieval heart of Stockport, with its “glass umbrella”, Market Hall built in 1861. The artwork hints at the tales of extraordinary events that have occurred in the market place over the years. You can see the ghostly image of Castle Mill, Stockport’s first water powered mill built in 1778, Jonathan Thatcher, a local farmer riding his cow to market to protest against the horse tax in 1784 and the launch of a hot-air balloon in 1827. Strawberry Recording Studios founded in 1968, that brought big names in the music industry to walk over the markets cobbled streets, when they came to record their classic hits, is also suggested.

  8. I like it Gerald, but are the "Underbanks?" Tom The Backroads Traveller