Saturday, 16 May 2015

Reflections on the canal at Woodley

Last week we celebrated our son's 34th birthday and escaped the aftermath of the election by taking a trip down the Peak Forest Canal from Ashton to Romiley aboard Community Spirit, a narrowboat operated by the East Manchester Community Boat Project

Here we are approaching the railway viaduct at Woodley beyond which is the Woodley Tunnel.

You can see a map showing the location of 61 photographs I took that day and view them as a slideshow on Geo-trips.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

St Mark's in the rain

I last featured the church of St Mark's, Bredbury and Woodley in June 2014. This time it was raining heavily and I got raindrops on the lens as I photographed the lych gate.

I used the shelter of the lych gate to photograph the church. St Mark's is a Grade II listed building which was built 1847-8 by Shellard for the Church Commissioners with dressed stone, ashlar and slate roofs.

Visit the Church website for details of its current activities.

A contribution to Inspired Sundays and Blue Monday.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Banner of the Industrial Revolution

Castle Yard was the "Motte" of a Norman castle and the castle "Bailey" the area which is now the Market Place. The castle walls were demolished in the 1770s when Castle Mill, the first water powered cotton mill in Stockport was constructed. The Mill was demolished in 1841 and from 1853 the area was used as a cattle market. Today Castle Yard forms a link between the outside market and the Courts shopping development created from the conversion of the adjacent former Magistrates Courts building.

21st century excavations revealed the wheelpit. In 2005 artist Mike Woods created a piece of public art designed on the water wheel which once powered Castle Mill. It consists of a banner that depicts workers caught up in a "mad whirl of machines and knotted tangled threads coupled with frenzied activity as they strive to adapt new technologies and the need to keep pace with the constantly changing new industrial age".

"The Banner of the Industrial Revolution" is wrapped around the outside of the ladies public convenience. Although the ironwork is still there the explanatory board has since been removed.

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