Friday, 16 October 2015

The Wedding Cake from Frances Street

A view of Stockport Town Hall, locally nick-named The Wedding Cake, from Frances Street.

A contribution to Skywatch Friday.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

George V postbox at Stockport Station

In the wall by the steps up to Platform 1 at Stockport Station is a postbox with a GR cypher for the reign of George V. I'd never noticed it until recently as it is a little tucked away and then again I more often than not arrive on a different platform and take the lift down to the subway rather than the stairs.

Next to the postbox which is labelled SK3 101 is a No Smoking notice that points out that even the open air sections are a no-smoking area.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

New signs on Bridge Streeet

Now that all the works have been completed around Lancashire Bridge new pedestrian signage has been erected at the bottom of Bridge Street.

Attached is a panel with a sketch of the Marketplace and a poster about events although the information was already out of date when I took this photograph.

It seems disappointingly plain and utilitarian to me.

A contribution to signs, signs.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bus Shelter, Bull's Head, Reddish

This bus shelter is the terminus of the #84 bus at the Bull's Head, Reddish. The #84 route is a mainly half hourly service to Manchester Piccadilly. It takes a circuitous route through Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, East Didsbury, Withington, West Didsbury, Chorlton and Old Trafford. The full journey takes over 1 hour 20 minutes. If you just wanted to get from North Reddish to Piccadilly you would cross the road and take the #203 which would get you there in 15-25 minutes depending on traffic. It is probably a route that has been cobbled together from three different original services.

A contribution to the City Daily Photoblogs theme Shelter.