Wednesday, 17 September 2014

J is for Just Eat

This Cafe on the corner of Hillgate and Mowbray Street is open weekdays from breakfast to after lunch - I haven't been in it but it looks like just the place for decent cup of tea, a bacon sarnie or a reasonably priced hot lunch.

Next door is a chinese chippie that probably opens around tea-time until late evening.

There is a sign between the two advertising a website called "Just Eat" where apparently you can order a meal online and have it delivered. Reports I've heard suggest that the quality of the service is questionable and often the meals are not cooked in the establishment from which you thought you had ordered. If I wanted my food delivered I think I'd phone the takeaway directly rather than going through a third party.

In any case you can just eat without going online.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. There's a similar service here online- assuming it's not exactly the same one- but I've heard similar stories about it.

  2. All your needs catered for on one small corner.