Thursday, 28 January 2016

Digging up Bridgefield Street

As part of a development known as Redrock a section of Bridgefield Street has been dug up. The workmen were taking a break for tea when I took this photograph.

There was some access on to the site which allowed me take a view of the excavations. The digging up of the car park has revealed the old cobbled streets and the foundations of houses that once stood here,

This view is from the opposite direction. There is still access via a ramp to the car park on the top of Debenhams.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Stockport Shuttle at Stockport Station

Since 9th January, the section of Station Road in front of the railway station has been closed to traffic as work on the Stockport Exchange Masterplan continues and the site's hoarding line is extended across the road. This stage of works will run from January to July 2016. During this time, vehicles from the A6 can only to get to the station via Railway Road. A new temporary pull in / turning area with a bus stop and taxi rank has been created for passengers at the end of Railway Road between the station and the Multi Storey Car Park.

The #300 Stockport Shuttle is a free bus that takes a circuitous route around the town. It is a good way to get from the railway station to the bus station but less useful in the opposite direction.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Great Moor Park Mural

In my post last Thursday I showed you Woodsmoor Station and Great Moor.

On my way there I passed by Great Moor Park which is off Norwood Road and backs onto Stepping Hill Hospital. On a wall I spotted this mural. It was at the far end so I had to zoom in to get this photograph. Maybe one day I will take a closer look but don't hold your breath.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Signs at Woodsmoor and Great Moor

The other day I ventured down to Woodsmoor Station which lies on the line to Hazel Grove. It was 12:54 and the indications were that a train to Manchester Piccadilly was due at 13:06 and was running "On Time" so I decided to wait for it.

At ten past one the 13:08 to Buxton pulled into the opposite platform.

The electronic sign still said the 13:06 to Manchester was running "On time" even though it was already 13:17!

I didn't wait any longer but walked up to the A6 at Great Moor to catch a bus instead.

The sign by the side of the road is one of a number erected at the time of the millennium. I've previously shown you ones at Offerton and at Reddish.

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Friday, 1 January 2016

My Stockport Photo of the Year 2015: The River Mersey

The theme for City Daily Photos is Photo of the Year.

My choice for Photo of the Year 2015 is from the 25th April of the river Mersey emerging from under the Bear Pit and an arch of the Wellington Road viaduct into sunshine and flowing towards the railway viaduct.