Saturday, 21 November 2015

St Jospeh's RC Church: A charcoal impression

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Tatton Street off St Petersgate dates back to 1861 and is Grade II listed.

See the original photograph on Geograph.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

S is for Scotch Bob

This wood carving of Scotch Bob by sculptor Andy Burgess is on Cheadle Green.

According to Choose Cheadle website, James Telford, known as "Scotch Bob" came to Cheadle from Dumfriesshire in 1871. By 1879 he was driving the red, horse drawn buses of the Manchester Carriage Company, a job he proudly held for over 35 years.

In 1908 he set a British record for driving over 60,000 miles from Manchester and Cheadle. He sometimes drove three horses abreast, quoting Robbie Burns as he went. He knew everyone along the way and his whip was constantly raised in greeting, even when the rain was streaming down.

In 1913 he was given the job of motor-bus time keeper at the White Hart terminus. By then he was reckoned to have driven a record 937,000 miles on one route. He lived with his family at 8 Gatley Road, close to the White Hart where his horses were stabled.

When he died in 1929 he was buried in St Mary's Churchyard behind the White Hart stables, where a small stone stands in memory of James Telford.

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ephemera: Changes on Prince's Street

In recent year Prince's Street has been split into five sections with two sections made into pedestrianised areas with little trees, benches, litter bins and lighting outside the rear of M&S on the left - see the post of 15th March 2015 which shows what used to be there.

Now that has all gone and the area has been tarmacced over. The street extension to the Swan With Two Necks is still there for now - see it from the other side in the post of 20th November 2013.

The barriers won't be staying for too long. Prince's Street will be returning to a through route running one way with the parallel Bridgefield Street running in the opposite direction.

Today's post is a contribution to the Ephemeral theme at the City Daily Photo Community.