Monday, 3 June 2013

Reddish South Station Mural Panels

Last week I showed you a general view of the Reddish South Station Mural.

The mural consists of five seperate panels and was unveiled on October 8th 2011 by the Friends of Reddish South Station who have been running a campaign to bring more passenger trains onto this line since 2008. The object of the campaign is to secure a frequent service running between Stockport and Manchester Victoria.

Reddish South together with Denton railway station on the Stockport to Stalybridge line are famous for having one train a week in one direction only. The "Denton flyer" is what is known as a "Parliamentary ghost", a train that operates a Parliamentary service - that is to say a token service to a given station, thus maintaining a legal fiction that either the station in question is in fact open, whereas in reality the train operating company in question has almost completely abandoned the station. These services run at all only because rail transport is heavily regulated in the United Kingdom and it is therefore considerably cheaper for a train operating company to run a parliamentary service than it is to go through the full legal process of applying for a station or line to be permanently closed.

According to the 2007/8 National rail figures, Reddish South had only 47 entries and exits in a 12 month period, making it the UK's least used railway station. Network Rail, in their Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) for the North West, were proposing closure of Reddish South and Denton stations and withdrawal of the remaining passenger service. The line itself would remain open for freight and diverted passenger workings.

A contribution to Monday Murals.


  1. Nice text on the murals

  2. The inspirational messages don't have the audience they deserve if the station is so seldom used. I like the style chosen to present the quotes. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural. And keep us informed about the campaign to restore more train service to this station.