Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday Murals: Cleaner Greener

Artwork on abandoned shops on Wellington Road South next to the former Unity Inn.

An attached notice informs "This artwork has been commissioned by Stockport Council to enhance the shop fronts that were covered in fly posters and graffiti. The concepts and ideas have been generated by artists working with the children from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School and young people from the Avondale School group based at Adswood Youth Centre. Artists Jo Foley and Fiona Smith have used these concepts to create the final art pieces on display."

I contacted Jo Foley to find out a bit more and she replied
"I'm afraid they are looking a little worse for wear aren't they? They were done around 2005/2006 that's as far as I can remember!".
On Fiona Smith's website I read
"Fi Smith and Jo Foley were commissioned to create the A6 Corridor Artwork and devise an environmental education programme for Stockport environmental services in 2004. We produced 24 beautiful, bold, painted boards from children's designs to be installed on derelict shop fronts along Wellington Road and in Stockport centre."

I shall have to see if any more of their creations have survived.

A contribution to Monday Murals.


  1. Always good to see art from youngsters, especially when in collaboration with local authorities and schools.

  2. Ha, It still doesn't prevent the look of shops in decline and I am sure that the city council is not happy with it.

  3. Looks like a touch-up could easily bring it back to its original state.

  4. Better to have murals in decline on the shops than just the shops in decline, and a great experience for the youngsters I'm sure.

  5. The murals definitely added color and visual interest to the shopfronts but they didn't have the power to keep the businesses viable. Pity. It will be interesting to see how many more you can find from this project. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.