Wednesday, 30 April 2014

P is for Pound Bakery in Pedestrianised Prince's Street

Two doors up from the Cancer Research UK charity shop featured here on 28th April is the Pound Bakery.

With numerous outlets throughout the North West they are the place to go for a quick cheap snack that won't break the budget.

Between the two new shops is family butcher's "Tittertons" who have been established since 1875. If your palate is bit more discerning you can't go far wrong there. See their website for details of their offerings.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. That bakery looks so appealing. We lost our last artisan bakery about 20 years ago, and I miss the taste of freshly baked goods. The supermarket is just not the same. We have to do our own baking at home.

  2. Bakeries aren't in short supply here.

    Let's see, you've got the butcher, the baker... all you need is the candlestick maker.

  3. pound? i thought you were on ther metric system.