Thursday, 6 February 2014

Signs on the old workhouse

"Welcome to edge hill Faculty of Health" says the sign on the left of the doorway of the former workhouse building once part of St Thomas' Hospital. "Press buzzer and wait for response" it says underneath but the building has been empty and derelict for some time - see earlier post Union Offices of Shaw Heath Workhouse for more details.

The sign on the door itself informs "Stockport Community Drugs Team is located around the corner of Flint Street".

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. I agree - it is an impressive entrance. With a sad story, I bet.

  2. The entryway looks like it was quite magnificent at one time.


  3. The architectural style appeals to me. It would be ideal if there can be found some use for it.

  4. The window boxes have plants that are still alive, amazing.Someone must still be caring for them somewhat.

  5. A thoroughly pleasing picture...speaks to my love of entry ways and old buildings...:)