Thursday, 27 February 2014

Half a Ghost

Wandering down Shaw Heath recently I came across this ghost sign on the gable end of a house.

The house is called Studley Villa and a name stone is embedded in the front wall.

According to a reference on rootsweb Robert Howell Jones died sometime after 1943, and at his death he was living at Studley Villa, 124 Shaw Heath, Stockport. He was a painter and decorator by trade.

This is the only information I could find about the house and the sign must date back to at least the 1940s.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. great find; Have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  2. Now you wonder why they only painted over half the sign...

  3. Too bad they did not leave the ghost sign intact.

  4. I wonder why only half a sign is so well preserved. Maybe graffiti is the culprit for the other painted half?

  5. It would take a macho man to live in Studley Villa. Unusual name for a house.

  6. I've been trying to find out about this sign recently so thanks for the info. I'm also interested in finding out what the other address is- 23 Ack Lane East Bramhall?