Friday, 24 January 2014

The Orange Goyt

On Tuesday morning someone tweeted "Why is the Goyt orange this morning?"

A few hours later I took this photo of the river looking upstream from Howard Street bridge. I haven't discovered the reason for the colouration, but it looks like a seepage of iron-ore into the river.

Downstream of the bridge the Goyt flows over a weir and the river Tame joins it from underneath the M60 motorway to form the river Mersey. Note the darker colour of the emerging, converging Tame.

This is a closer view of the water flower over the weir from the other direction. I'll post some more photographs from this point tomorrow.

A contribution to Orange You Glad It's Friday and Weekend Reflections.


  1. The sepia tone on the first picture look amazing ! I first thought it was photoshopped : it looks so unreal... Nice serie.

  2. Quite peculiar. A good subject to photograph.