Sunday, 19 January 2014

Our Lady & The Apostles

The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and the Apostles was built in 1903-5 to replace an earlier church dedicated to St Philip and St James. It was designed by Edmund Kirby of Liverpool, the west front being similar to that of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Chorley by Kirby, 1894. In 1925 the sanctuary was redesigned as a First World War memorial with a new high altar backed by a cawed oak screen. Re-ordering of the church in circa 1989 saw the extension of this screen converting the sanctuary into an enclosed sanctuary chapel, with a new high altar, font and lectern placed before the chancel arch.

It was designated as Grade II listed for the following principal reasons:
  1. Its architecturally impressive exterior, particularly the treatment of the west front facing Shaw Heath;
  2. The high quality of its interior, both in terms of overall design and the detailing, especially the early C2O fittings;
  3. The additional interest of later alterations such as the sanctuary chapel with its war memorial high altar and the eastern stained glass windows.
More information can be found on the church website.

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  1. gorgeous. that front window is just breathtaking, really steal the show, thank you for sharing Gerald. i would love to see more. ( :

  2. Impressive - love the rose window! Bet the light inside is wonderful. Perhaps A Bit About Britain should visit this one. But somehow feel it needs to be out in the countryside?

  3. Nice church I'd say typical of the era. Love the rose window

  4. A beautiful church!
    «Louis» visited the website and saw the photos of the interior.

  5. I love the way the sun is glinting from the rose window.