Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sign approaching Portwood roundabout

Sign on Great Portwood Street approaching Portwood roundabout. Note how the sign appears to be made up of three sections that don't quite align with each other.

The Portwood roundabout is at junction 27 of the M60 motorway.
There is a westbound entry slip road and an eastbound exit slip road.
The other roads leading on to the roundabout are Tiviot Way, the A626 from Lancashire Hill;
Crookilley Way, the new A560 built at the same time as the M60 from the westbound exit of the motorway;
Carrington Road, the original A560 from Bredbury, now the B6104;
St Mary's Way, the A626 from Marple;
Great Portwood Street, the A560 out of Stockport.
A busway allows Eastbound buses to cross the roundabout rather than go round it.
In 2012 an additional road off the roundabout was constructed leading into the Spark Business Park.
A series of subways and paths are provided for cyclists and pedestrians.

Inside the roundabout are the remains of the burial ground of Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Chapel which stood on the site from 1848 to 1955.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Oh my word, our highways only have 3 numbers at most - not sure I could keep with so many letters and number combinations!

  2. I'm lost when directional signs (E, N, W, S) are attached to highway #s.

  3. my brain cannot process all these information fast when i'm driving.:p


  4. What a welter of signs! A newcomer would certainly have trouble with this trying to absorb all the choices!

  5. forget that, i'm just going to go to pizza hut ;)

  6. This is when a GPS would come in handy!

  7. Try reading that sign at highway speeds. Looks confusing enough when not moving.

    1. You'd be approaching the rooundabout from that direction at no more than 20mph and probably much less if the traffic in front of you was stationary. Plenty of time to get in the right lane.

    2. I was just concerned that was too much to read while driving a car. But then you know where you are going, so don't have to read the whole sign. While stuck in traffic, it would give something to read.