Saturday, 18 May 2013

Imperial Reflections

Reflections in the windows of "Peters Square Tavern", as the board on the right proclaims it to be.

"The Imperial Hotel" was a Victorian hostelry with entrances on St Petersgate and Piccadilly. It stood next to the Theatre Royal, which closed in the late 1950s and was demolished in 1962.

For a long time "The Imperial" (no longer an hotel) was a Wilson's pub but in recent years it was renamed "The Blarney Stone" before becoming "Peters Square Tavern".

In 2012 it reverted to being "The Imperial" as indicated by the pub sigb on the left.

This photograph was taken Thursday, 9 August, 2012, since when the name-board on the right has been taken down.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.