Sunday, 12 May 2013

Romiley Railway Bridge

Romiley Station was opened 1862 by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR). The bridge, onto which the platforms extend, crosses the B6104.

This photograph taken Saturday, 25 July, 2009.

The bridge carries a height restriction sign and (in case of someone not knowing the height of their vehicle) an emergency sign.

This photograph taken Saturday, 19 November, 2011.

Looking along the top of the bridge over Stockport Road at Romiley Station. Beech Lane is on the right.

This photograph taken Saturday, 10 November, 2012.

A contribution to Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. Looks like a solid bridge, nice photos

  2. «Louis» is enjoying seeing the bridges you have been posting on your Stockport blog, Gerald, and he thanks you for being first up this week with a contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  3. I like these old bridges - very British.

  4. The view from the top is cool, but I think the structure of intersecting ironwork is amazing - built the old fashioned way.