Saturday, 1 November 2014

Stockport's landmark railway viaduct

Stockport railway viaduct is a landmark structure. This first view is from the M60 motorway Eastbound looking South towards the viaduct; the motorway itself is elevated so it is nearly level with the roofs of buildings that nestle under the viaduct's archways.

The viaduct was built in 1839/40 by the engineer George Watson Buck under the architect John Lowe.

This view is taken from outside the bus station. The motorway is somewhere near the farthest arch to be seen in this photograph. Note how it towers over the double-decker buses in the garage.

This view is from the other side above Daw Bank near to where it reaches Stockport Station.

In 1887-89 it was widened to four tracks, 27 arches, 111 feet high and 1786 feet long, comprising 11 million bricks.

This is the view across the bus station from Wellington Road viaduct.

A contribution to the Landmark theme at City Daily Photoblogs.


  1. interesting post
    I find the last photo very interesting in particular :)

  2. Unmissable, a true landmark, the last photo is particularly interesting