Wednesday, 6 August 2014

D is for Digging up Lancashire Bridge

I posted a photograph of Bridge Street on May 13th but look at it now.

This was once part of the main north-south route through the town. Traffic from the north would have come down Dodge Hill/Lancashire Hill through Tiviot Dale to Lancashire Bridge over the river Mersey then up Bridge Street to the Underbanks and Hillgate.

Lancashire Bridge was constructed in 1877 with a reinforced concrete widening structure added in 1937. The bridge is a square single span arch structure which comprises three arch sections with a skewed reinforced concrete portal frame on the east side of the arch. Recent inspection and assessment of the reinforced concrete portal bridge has established that the concrete has endemic chloride problems, poor cover and active corrosion and needs to be replaced.

This is the view from the bottom of Bridge Street as workmen dig up the roadway. Pedestrian access is being maintained whilst the work is carried out but buses and other traffic have had to be diverted.

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  1. It's always difficult to get through this type of mess, but I'm sure it will be DELIGHTFUL when all finished.

    abcw team

  2. It reminds me of construction issues I've seen here. Hopefully the work gets done on time.

  3. We need more infrastructure work in the US!

  4. Mess yet needed! reminds me of few construction sites I have visited here in Cleveland, its chaos for Traffic.

  5. Wow. Hope it gets cleaned up soon.

  6. We have these messes around our place, too.

  7. i'm loving the plastic fence barrier sections. they look like something from a toy set! :)

  8. Those are some fascinating construction fencing!

  9. Neat take on fences.

  10. Nice shot , big work,greeting from Belgium