Sunday, 29 December 2013

St Petersgate Bridge re-opened

Following my post St Petersgate Bridge Repairs Almost Finished I've been back to see it again. On Christmas Eve the roadway was temporarily blocked by the dustman's cart.

The railings have all been given a new coat of paint. In the background can be seen the dome of the White Lion. You can see under the bridge and the other side of the railings in my post about the Queens Head.

St Petersgate Bridge was constructed in 1866-8. The designer was R Rawlinson, and the engineer was Brierley of Blackburn. The cost was around £6,000. A contemporary description of the bridge notes 'six arches, the central one over the Underbank-street being of cast-iron, with perforated parapets and a sufficiency of ornament to prevent its being (as many bridges over public streets are) an eyesore and offensive to good taste'. The Stockport coat of arms on the bridge cartouche was adopted in 1836, and was said to be the arms of the Stopford or Stockport family, Barons of Stockport (later superseded by a coat of arms granted by the College of Arms in two stages in 1932 & 1959).

A contribution to Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. «Louis» is happy to see the bridge has been re-opened. He appreciates your detailed description - it gives context for those of us who are unlikely to see it. A fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  2. wonderful bridge and that dustman's cart is pretty impressive too.

  3. They did a good job by restore this bridge.

  4. Very nice old bridge. Originally I also wanted to show the bridge from England, but will next time. Sorry for English, I write the help compiler.

  5. It's a beautiful bridge. The railings are very pretty.