Friday, 6 December 2013

Heaton Norris Park

The land for Heaton Norris park was acquired by public subscription and as a gift from Lord Egerton. Work on laying out the site as a public park began in May 1873, and it was formally opened on June 5th 1875. The total area of the park at the time was 16 acres, 2 rods & 38 poles. During the Munich crisis of 1938 large trenches were dug in the park in preparation for possible air raids. More recently the park has become the venue for the annual Stockport Civic Bonfire.

Behind the fence is a multi-use games area and beyond are bowling greens.

A contribution to Friday Fences.


  1. I thought it looked like a prison fence at first glance. So pleased that it has a much more pleasant use.

  2. what a hill ... looks like a huge hike to go up. ( :

  3. I like that cobblestone walkway. Nice perspective on this shot!

  4. I know it well, and its mighty slippery when wet! Nice image and post


  5. Enjoyed the history of this interesting area all fenced in.