Sunday, 4 August 2013

Wycliffe Congregational Church

Built in 1849 to a Gothic design, by Manchester architect Edward Walters, the Grade II listed Wycliffe Congregational Church is on the English Heritage list of buildings at risk.

More information can be seen on Stockport's Heritage.

A contribution to Inspired Sundays.


  1. wow, that sounds odd? "building at risk" ... that sounds like it will be falling down soon. oh, i hope they fix it. but the repairs maybe too pricey? ( :

  2. I hope that it will be taken care of. Sad to hear that. Such a nice stone church.

  3. It looks like it was probably very beautiful in its day. From the link you provided, "... the building has been slipping down the hill towards Stockport, posing quite a challenge to restorers." I certainly hope they're planning to work on the foundation. :-)

    Visiting from InSPIREd Sundays,


  4. It really does look lovely, I am sure the stained glass window is marvelous. It looks like its neighborhood doesn't do it justice.

  5. My great grandparents Robert and Mary Ann Walker were married in this church in 1851