Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fire behind McDonald's

On 20th August 2013 a large fire broke out at a waste recycling plant on Bredbury Industrial Estate. The fire could be seen from miles around and thick acrid smoke spread as far as Leeds. There were, however, no reports of any casualties.

This was the scene four days later; the fire is contained but still burning. The roads are all now open and there is access to all the businesses in the area which are mostly carrying on as normal.

This photograph was taken by the entrance to McDonald's on Whitefield Road.

For a news report see BBC News.

For a real inside view see the Manchester Evening News.

Readers should note that this place is NOT the Bredbury Park Household Recycling Centre although it isn't far away from there.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. The golden arches were unharmed!

  2. For the real story behind this place see here

    and sign here

  3. This is a fearful sign. Thank goodness there were no casualties.