Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Victorian Post Box on Little Underbank

Between the Fancy Dress shop on Little Underbank and the St Petersgate Bridge is a Victorian Post Box.

This particular design of wall box was manufactured from 1881 until the end of her reign.

It is still in use and like all UK post boxes shows the times of the last collection which is 6.30 pm Monday to Friday and 11.45 am Saturday. There are no collections on Sunday.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.


  1. And looks like it will last even longer. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. I love that it is still in use. They don't make things that well these days.

  3. That is an awesome little thing tucked away between buildings! Love that it's still in use. We had a Penfold mailbox in Hawera that was retired in May 2011. It's still on the street as a historical site.

  4. Something magical and fairy tale like about this one and its place- reminds me of Mr Benn!

  5. It's sort of magical -- so pretty while being so utilitarian and kind of hidden away so you feel like you discovered something wonderful (at least that's how I'd feel...people there probably just take it for granted).