Thursday, 7 January 2016

Signs at Woodsmoor and Great Moor

The other day I ventured down to Woodsmoor Station which lies on the line to Hazel Grove. It was 12:54 and the indications were that a train to Manchester Piccadilly was due at 13:06 and was running "On Time" so I decided to wait for it.

At ten past one the 13:08 to Buxton pulled into the opposite platform.

The electronic sign still said the 13:06 to Manchester was running "On time" even though it was already 13:17!

I didn't wait any longer but walked up to the A6 at Great Moor to catch a bus instead.

The sign by the side of the road is one of a number erected at the time of the millennium. I've previously shown you ones at Offerton and at Reddish.

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  1. I like the sense of depth in the first two shots.

  2. Light rail schedules are apparently difficult to keep. The computer couldn't keep up. Perhaps it is a program error? Really like the Great Moor sign,

  3. ooh, like the horse signage! and all the leading lines and diagonals in the first shot are nice, too!

  4. Hopefully the bus was on time. I like the horse sign a great deal.

  5. Nice perspective! I like the Great Moor sign.