Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Looking down at the M60 & A560

I was standing on the bridge on Wellington Road North looking over on to the roads below.

On the left is the M60 Manchester Orbital Motorway. This section was built in the 1980s as the M63 extension from Cheadle Heath to Portwood. The concrete wall is where the former Cheshire Lines railway through Stockport Tiviot Dale used to run.

On the right is Great Egerton Street, the A560 which was once an important East–West link but with the advent of the M56/M60/M67 it is now reduced to catering for local traffic plus a considerable number of motorway link roads.

The shadow of the fence on Wellington Road North also crosses the roads and on the right is my own shadow looking over making it my camera-shy self portrait which is the theme for April 1st at the City Daily Photoblog Community.

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  1. Oh, I SEE you, Gerald. I would recognize you anywhere!

  2. Quite a good vantage point, and I find myself wondering how many of us are going to be taking advantage of our shadows for this theme.

  3. Pretty clever; I had to hunt, but I found you!!

  4. Made me smile Gerald.. you really were being coy weren't you :)

  5. After awhile I found you, Gerald !
    Beautiful picture.

  6. Hello to you:)

    Gunn - Stavanger - Norway.