Wednesday, 23 October 2013

O is for the Old King

The Old King public house was built in c.1828, and remodelled in 1973. The building was constructed of red brick laid in Flemish bond, to the original phase, the 1970s phase was built of brown stretcher bond brick. The 2-storey, 4-bay frontage retained early 19th century fabric to the right hand bay only, the rest was re-fronted and all windows were 20th century. To the rear was a late 19th century single-storey function room, and a mono-pitch 19th century outbuilding, possibly a brew house or store.

Standing on the corner of Great Portwood Street and Lancaster Street it was a listed building pictured here "for sale" in 2008.

In 2011 it was still waiting for a buyer.

In April 2012 I happened to walk into Lancaster Street and found this scene.

Despite being listed it was demolished to make way for a branch of Nando's.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday and signs, signs.


  1. Oh what a shame!
    Ugly has won out over history and character.

  2. Oh man!!! What a shame - that is nOt an imprOvement at all.

    abcw team

  3. Sad failure of the Old King (and new owners)

  4. Oh what a shame, bring back the Old King.

  5. Wow - that was shock to see it torn down like that!

  6. This is the kind of modernization that breaks my heart. I just hate to see these historical old buildings be destroyed. Its replacement is an eyesore in my mind. I like the old

  7. What a sad day for the Old King. Hate when they call this progress.

  8. The Old King may not have had a cute frontage, but surely it didn't deserve this end.

  9. one former landlord was an ex wrestler Steve ...... cannot remember his last name but I took my mother in there once, she was over the moon there was loads of old photos -billy two rivers,mick macmanners, loads of others on the walls, I took her to belle vue once never again, she was swing her hand bag about try to hit the fighters as they passed us, i tried to tell her it was fixed but she nearly took my head of with her hand bag so I called it a day never again.