Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fine Ales

Fine Ales - well not any more.

This is how it looked last week.

The Tatched House on Churchgate is a locally listed building. It was rebuilt in 1899, on the site of a 17th century timber-framed building of the same name. The 2-storey building is constructed of sandstone with a timber-framed first floor with decorative bracing. The roof is clay-tiled, the stacks are brick. The double gabled front elevation has a semi-elliptical arched central doorway with double timber doors, 4-light windows either side have etched glass inscribed with the name of the pub and Stowells Ales. The first floor has two 3-light oriel windows with a small oriel over the door, the gables have carved barge boards with finials. The right return to Lavender Brow is similar. There are red brick outshuts to the rear.

This is how it looked three years ago.

The building was first mentioned in 1744 as belonging to surgeon Dr.Briscall's practice, which gave free consultations and was effectively the forerunner to Stockport infirmary. The earlier timber-framed building was known as The Thatched House, and was an inn or tavern from the late 18th century. In the early 21st century the pub was renowned as a music venue but has been closed since 2010.

The pub sign that was there in 2010 has since disappeared.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. I hope they reopen it or reuse it somehow.

  2. I hope someone is looking after the inside so it doesn't fall apart. What a sad demise to such a grand old lady.

  3. I do hope it can be salvaged before too much more deteriorates. It is a lovely building.

    ~Lindy MY SIGN

  4. There was a place like that here. The Houlihans. It was always full of people, then one day, boom. Empty and a tiny sign saying no more business.

  5. No more ales? Bummer. (Actually I don't like ale, but I sure do like that beautiful building. Hope they save it.)

  6. What a gorgeous building, it's a shame it closed.